About Baddies

Baddies is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that was founded on April 28th of 2012. We take pride in our roots on Stormreaver, rising from trade chat and pugs during the later days of Dragon Soul. During our first progression tier in Mists of Pandaria, we quickly coalesced into a competitive raid guild after absorbing two guilds from on-server. Following Mists, we've progressed upwards into a top US guild and remained there through the years until we decided to take a step back from the hardcore raiding scene in early-mid Legion. Now, a year later, we're returning with the exact same officer core and a roster made up of many of our best players from over the years as well as new faces to try being the best we can be on our 9-hour schedule.

At Baddies, we take pride in being a competitive environment where skill is the sole determining factor when it comes to our raid spots. We have no senior positions or core members. We work together to kill bosses and it is the expectation that everyone from the officers to the trials will contribute to every kill we get. We realize that if this game isn't fun as a team, it's not worth playing. We don't tolerate big egos, exclusive cliques, or people who can't take criticism. We don't expect you to have raid ready alts for splits. With our new lighter schedule, we shoot for being the best we can be, and will continue to strive for that in the coming years.

Times + Ranks

Raid Details

Days Tuesday - Thursday
Times 8:00 - 11:00 CST

Battle for Azeroth

Raid Progression Rank Palace 8/8 Mythic 94 BoD 9/9 Mythic 229 Uldir 8/8 Mythic 388

Meet The Team



I'm the Guildmaster of Baddies, having formed it back in 2012. I've seen Baddies through every high and low it's gone through, and the 200-odd core raiders we've had since then. Baddies has been, is, and hopefully will be for a while to come, a big part of my life. From guild dinners at Blizzcon to the average raid nights, my goal is to provide a progression experience that you will look fondly back upon through a combination of mutual respect, a raid roster based solely on skill, and the love and care only a Daddy can provide. I'm not perfect, but if the many players who still talk to, ask about, and participate in the Baddies community long after they've stopped raiding are any judge, I like to think I do a halfway decent job at caring at the very least.


Raid Lead

Xray joined us with a couple of his raiders from a guild called Death Penalty. He's the peanut butter to my jelly, the pineapple to my pizza; the star of Baddies. Xray leads us fearlessly night after night as Baddies raid leader with clean comms, detailed strats, and an always calm demeanor. He tries to make sure everyone is having a good night, and as a result is a big part of why people enjoy raiding here. If you're a big fan of having a raid leader who just knows what's up every night down to the second, you'll love him. Just don't ask him to play Apex or something, he's pretty trash at that :)


Insight is a proprietary piece of software for written Baddies alone. It heavily assists with our recruitment process, searching out potential recruits that play at or above our current roster's average performance to fill potential gaps as they pop up.

Insight ties directly into our application form and begins learning about you from the second you start the application process. It takes a look at all available performance data on each of your characters, creating a unique look at their performance in a way that is fair to your main. Using this dataset, it compares you to the ocean of data it has on each of our members. By the end of your application, Insight will collate a packet of performance analysis for the officers to look over, build a Discord channel for you to continue your application process, and alert you of any weak points in your application.