Baddies Application

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Before we go any further, our application process ties directly into Discord. Discord is also what we use for voice chat during raids, so it is required before we start. You can find Discord here at the link below. Download it if you don't have Discord already, and join our server.

Once you've joined, continue below.

Verify this is your Discord ID! We cant continue without it, and you must be in our Discord by this point. If you still need to join, click the Discord link in the navigation bar above, and an invite will open in a new window.


We're nearly done! We're just going to collect some info about your character now, and submit the entire thing to your very own Discord channel.


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We'll look for you for the next 10 seconds. It's ok if the non-discord stuff fails.
We were unable to find you in Discord. Please check what you entered and try again. Assure there are no spaces, and the capitalization matches exactly.


Your application process will continue from here on out in your Discord channel. We'll probably have a few questions about your play or class knowledge. Check back periodically! Applications usually take 1-3 days to be processed.

If you cannot find your channel, or have other questions or concerns about your application, feel free to contact me personally at Daemios#1636 on or Daemios#1918 on Discord, or join us on Discord in the public channels for help. We'll be happy to help.